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Original Post:
by: CraigS1985 on May 09, 2014

Firstly can I just use this point to say hello to everyone. Having used this site for reference for a few months I have now decided to register and become a member. I am relatively new to the craft, starting about 18 months ago, having met a fellow pagan who introduced me to it after having a fascination about certain aspects of the craft for many years she told me I was destined to practice and here I am today haha

Having used a spell to gain employment before it worked perfectly however that job is some 60 miles away from home (at the time I did the spell I lived in wales and wanted to be closer to my dad so did this to gain a job closer to home) I have a daily commute on public transport of 120 miles :( and have an interview this Monday (12/5/2014) for a job which is 2 miles away. Now I'm using the same spell/charm however I obviously need to cleanse, consecrate and empower my tools before I put them together.

My question is this which god/goddesses can I call upon? I've looked online and can't find any that represent employment :( last time I worked with Hecate and Pan! Secondly using insence for the element of air which one is best or does that not really matter?

I would be extreamly greatful for some of your wonderful insite as I really do want this job! It's in operating theaters :)

Also I have jade and blue tigers eye to take with me too :)

Again many many many thanks in advance