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Original Post:
by: Mishipeshu on Dec 05, 2019

Apparently this is a conversation, that I know has already been beat to death, that needs to be had, again.

Natural phenomenon, whether invoked by human intervention or not, is in fact limited by the laws of physics. Gravity prevents non-avian objects from flying away into space; Newton's Three Laws of Movement explain that:

  1. objects in motion will stay in motion unless external force acts upon it
  2. force equals mass times acceleration
  3. every action has an equal opposite reaction

and the Three Laws of Mass explain that:

  1. matter cannot be created nor destroyed
  2. the proportion of elements in any compound is always the same
  3. if two elements combine to form different compounds, the ratio of masses of the second element that react with a fixed mass of the first element will be a simple whole numbered ratio.

This cannot be disputed or disproved, no matter how hard you believe or wish that wasn't the case. This is objective truth , which is based on hard facts and evidence .

Magick is only a spiritual tool in understanding the world from a philosophical perspective and not one based on hard facts and evidence. It is based upon subjective truth , which is based upon personal perception and opinion . While many philosophies can apply to most people and situations, generally they are not meant to be definitive descriptions of reality, rather they are meant to give moral guidance and psychological support to those who need it.

No matter how much you insist that you can shape shift or that you can create fire blasts with your hands just by believing in it hard enough, it doesn't change the fact that the reality you live in doesn't allow you to do those things. Nobody is special or a "chosen one" because they heard a few voices in the dark or they had a dream and insist that a god/goddess told them so. We're all human with the same abilities that cannot expand beyond the realm of reality.

And if you're still not convinced, all I can say is try not to hurt yourself jumping off the roof attempting to fly.

Thank you.