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Original Post:
by: User532443 on Jul 16, 2018

Hello. Most of us here are solitary practitioners. However, some believe in unity in magick and hence have a group, or coven, where they practice. Today I will provide some tipsabout how to set up a coven,and also will aid those who are currently working in a coven.

For Startups:

  • Choose a leader: It is recommended to choose a leader before everything else. It can be you, or you can give the responsibility to others. Remember, he/she will be the strongest pillar of your community.
  • Set rules : Rules and regulations are a must when it comes to working in unity. Likewise, discuss the rules with your leader and set them permanently. Violation of these rules will lead to penalties, such as getting kicked out or banned for several days.
  • Gather members : A coven is complete with a maximum of 3 people. However, the more the members, the more accurate your practices will be. However, don't overcrowd, as there might also be members who will leak information that will disrupt your practices. Privacy within coven is of paramount importance. In my opinion, a coven comprising of 7-8 members is appreciated.
  • Start organizing! : After you gathered some members, divide responsibilities among them. For example, choose a person to lead daily practices, or choose another to conduct weekly ones. Remember to be very picky!
  • Gather capital: Money is still a vital part everywhere. You need to fund for your accessories like candles, tarot decks, pendulums etc, or even to pay rent for a space you may have hired.. Set a fee, not large, but enough to cover the running costs of the coven. A weekly or monthly fee is recommended. Discuss these among all the members and count their votes-they matter!
  • Preparing a Book: This will record your everything, starting from your daily activities in the coven to recording transactions and others (I do recommend a different book for each purposes ).
  • Scheduling: When, where, and who are going to do those activities? Which members should do which tasks? What is the (exact) time and date the activities will be done? These should also be discussed and arranged.
  • Off time: It is recommended to shut the coven for a day or two. The off-days can be utilized to reset the coven for the coming days (cleaning or purchasing new things). Members,too, need a break.
  • Hold special occasions: Every once or twice a month, hold a special event, where all members can participate. This will boost the coven productivity and will energize the members.
  • Communicate! : Yes. Everything that goes around the coven shall be discussed among the members first. From leaders to members, before initiating anything important, discussion is a must. This will increase the members' sense of belongingness and will also increase cooperation and promote equality among the members.

For the members:

  • Stay humble: Stay under the shade, but do your practices accordingly. Always follow the leader.
  • Feel unique: Even if there are 2500 members in your coven, aim big. Head for the top and become the best, but at the same time be who you are.
  • Stay focused: Often the reality contradicts our practices. We are dissolved in our career prospects and our family. Even then, stay focused on your community. Reach out to other members, and be genial and soft with them. Visit your coven at least 2-3 times a week and communicate with others about the things going on in the coven. You don't wanna miss out vital information!
  • Have your say: Always speak up, no matter what. You are a proud member of the coven and you matter. Your opinions count and you should discuss them openly.
  • Attend special events : If you miss out certain gatherings, missing this one out can even get you kicked out! Always pay heed to the details revealed by the organizers, and always keep your eyes open for more.

    Well, I myself am in a Shrine of more than 70 people, and yet our shrine stays strong and organized because we have a strong sense of communication among us, and we treat others as siblings. Always remember, with the people of your community, this can be a life-long journey. Always love them, because they all are the part of a successful craft done. They bring you light and shelter. They are your eternal companions, and they know your true self that distinguishes you from the rest of the world.

    I hope I could help. Thank you for reading.