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Original Post:
by: User430724 on Feb 11, 2018

When I was beginning in magic, it was hard to learn. You didn't know what was real or what was a lie and most people just told you to Google your questions... which could lead you to unreliable sources. So I decided to help beginners and put a bunch of sources here for you, that way you will know where to look

Here is a list of the Basics

The basics in magic are: Tools,Meditation, Visualization, Focus, Moon Phases, Colors, Days, grounding and centering, power flow, Elements, Circle Casting, Charkas,

for more help with this go to this link:

This link is how to meditate

This link is for how to Grounding & Center

This link is for Finding and Working with the Elements

These links are for How to Cast Circles Staring with beginners

Even I used the wiki how haha

Advanced Circle casting

This link is for The Tools of Witchcraft

How to Read Auras

Aura Colors and what they Mean

This link is for reading books for free

Chakra Test link (this is a computer test, so take the results with a grain of salt)

Astral Projection for Beginners

This link is on how to Open your Third Eye.

The Mahamantra Meditation Technique

Opening Your Chakras

Scrying for Beginners

Scrying with a Black Mirror

Using a Pendulum for Beginners (youtube video)

Making a Pendulum Board (youtube video)

Working with Spirits

Aura Color Meanings

Aura Exercises


How do you know if your psychic? Here are a couple of links!

Color Meaning for Candles

If you have any links, feel free to add them at the bottom.

Please note that I got these links from sites that i have used, some that were in other forums, and some on profiles. All I did was put it in one nice neat package :)