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Original Post:
by: Rains9011 on Jan 31, 2018

Hello, brothers and sisters!!!
So, I've been studying magic and spell casting for years now and I still cannot understand what magic really is. I tried casting basic spells more than few times without success. I followed guidelines when it comes to visualization and casting during the correct moon phase. Does magic even involve outside forces? For example, if you were to cast a love spell, would hidden forces create a circumstance where you would meet your love? Like maybe you accidentally bumped into that person or maybe your coffee maker breaks and you go to the store and meet that person. Or does it work like the law of attraction? Which I believe is nothing more than psychological conditioning and there's nothing special about it. It seems all of the spells require intense visualization and unquestionable belief. But is there magic that uses symbols, sigils or words to bring change or miracle? If such powerful magic exists, why then the world's most powerful magicians could't cure themselves of cancer or depression?
I'm not questioning anyone's beliefs, I'm just trying to learn more and understand.
Thank you!!!