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Original Post:
by: Athlete on Jun 17, 2017

It all started one night while I was in my room. I heard 3 loud rings in my left ear one after another in sync. This followed by the feeling of something in my room. I heard voices. Then something horrible jumped in my chest and it hurt. Loops of voices. Your going to hell and a girl I knew taunting me over and over. Also every time I closed my eyes I saw nightmarish horror while I was awake.for 24 hours. Everything in my life fell apart and I ended up in jail and 2 mental hospitals. Like every bad coincidence happened one after another perfectly in sync. Car wreck twice. Lost my job. Living with mom and a hotel. Negativity all around. Night terrors every night . Voices constantly in my head talking to me and an overall horrible feelings.heart racing at night waking me up.

What can I do to stop this?. I've found a way to kill the negative energy I think but my dreams are all weird now and all I do is dream now. I never have any peaceful sleep. Constant R.E.M. sleep.

Can someone please help me. The voices are gone as of now but my dreams are still affected and the synchronicity seems to be gone aswel