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Original Post:
by: Lopt on Apr 22, 2017

Let me tell you a funny story. One night while I was at work, I was goofing off with some co-workers in our work group chat. I kept making really bad jokes and puns and one of them replied with,The power of Christ compels you, Olivia. I reply with,Jokes on you Im Pagan!

And I swear to god, a handful of my coworkers were basically like,Oh my god, we are too. I was ecstatic to find so many pagans in the bible belt all at once. There were wiccans, solitary, a Hellene, and one was even Asatruar!

One of my good friends then became interested in how to become pagan, and thats why Im writing this article!

What is Paganism?

By definition, Paganism is a religion other than one of the main world religions, specifically a non-Christian or pre-Christian religion. So in short, its a minority religion thats commonly unheard of such as Norse Paganism (Asatru) Kemeticism (Egyptian), or Hellenism (Greek), and many more.

But the special thing about Paganism is you can take your path into your own hands and craft it into whatever you want to your hearts desire. You can worship one god, none, or an entire pantheon. You can go completely eclectic by worshiping a Greek god and Norse god at the same time. Or none at all and be solitary. Its entirely all up to you. As long as you know how everything works of course.


Labels can sometimes be a touchy subject in the pagan/occult community, but another special part of Paganism/Occultism is you get to decide your own practices as mentioned in the last paragraph,and create your own identity out of it. For example, I identify as a Norse Pagan/Lokean. I could Identify as Asatru, but since I work with mostly Loki and his family, I prefer Lokean. If youre a witch who mostly works with the ocean but also works with some land, or herbs and gemstones, you could call yourself a sea witch if thats your desire. If you worship a specific deity such as the christian god or even a Greek god, you can call yourself a christian witch, or a Greek practitioner. Its also all up to you if you want to use the title of witch. (For me personally, I dont.)

How do I become a witch/pagan/occultist?

The best thing to do is research, research, research. If youre interested in a particular deity, read up on their offerings, likes/dislikes, what they stand for, and especially their role in their pantheon. If youre interested in a portion of the culture and want to use it in your practices, thats totally fine, as long as you show the proper respect.

All in all, your path is totally all up to you and where you want to go. I wish you luck down the path you walk!

I hope you enjoyed me little short How-To. For more, follow me on