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Original Post:
by: irhue on Mar 16, 2017

So, I was reading and lurking in the forums to have some other learning from the practitioners. then I saw some recent posts about jar spells. I am not interested and have a lot of questions about it.

Honey Jar spell questions:
1. Is it just fine to only use the available ingredients you can find on your kitchen? or do you rally need to add herbs on it to be effective enough?
2. How long does the jar can be stored?
3. Can you end it or not?

Vinegar Jar spell
1. For break up: do you exactly need to use black cat and dog's fur? or you can use other fur colors if black i unavailable?
2. Does how you shake the bottle matters? Or does it bear a big effect on the spell?
3. Can you use just the available ingredients you can find in your kitchen or you need specific herbs for it too?
4. How can you end the spell?

So, there are my questions. I hope you help me my friends. I can't find a solid article about this spells.

Thank you in advance! ^_^