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Original Post:
by: Hmapa on Dec 24, 2016

So one thing I have noticed that happens frequently enough around the site is the disdain or shying away from the word summoning. I know many don't have high opinions of what they believe to be summoning, instead choosing to correct those asking about the topic on how rude or disrespectful it is.

I'd like to expand upon the act of summoning so that perhaps people who don't practice this technique of magick can get a better understanding from an Occult/Magician perspective on the matter.

There are many different methods of summoning, none of which at considered the "right" way to do it. Generally speaking the magician does a lot of preparation of the sacred space or "temple" which the spirit or entity will be invited in to and the offerings that they give. Yep, I said invited. Many have the misconception that summoning is the forcing of entities for servitude, which in some cases they are correct. However, as I said generally summoning is the act of preparing the temple or space for which you call upon the spirit or being with the invitation to enter the space, usually as equals and not through force or demands.

In dealings with some spirits or demonic entities, magicians will sometimes also draft up physical contracts that explain all the needs and expectations along with the offerings in return to which the being will accept, deny or wont show all together. Magicians generally like to enter an exchange as equals with the spirit which I could see how some could find that shocking or disrespectful, however it's done in the way as if you are two adults having a business or serious conversation.

In Occult circles there is the idea that not all spirits are equal and as such, not all should be treated the same which is where some of the demanding of servitude can come in. That may be a hard concept for many Pagans or New Agers to grasp, but it is what it is. There are "lesser" beings who would be treated differently than a godform, angel, demon, etc. However as I said before, most exchanges come on the foundation of equals and mutual respect. It is up to the individual how they choose to deal with various spirits and if the spirits in particular don't like it, they'll deal with it themselves or just not show. It really varies depending on the school of thought, but many do not like the mindset that humans are below or belittled by spirits, but rather equal. That's not to say that humans are better than or have the same magnitude of power, but it all stems from respect.

I hope that explains a little more about summoning to those who may have been unclear of the process or possibly a misunderstanding of how the summoning is approached.