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Original Post:
by: RayxIGN on Aug 13, 2016

I Will Get right to the point, I Have Been Around Very Spiritual People in My Life since i was Young, And i was always told that Magik was evil/satanism.

Now i am 21 years old, and i have moved away from my family.Recently i had Made a new friend, and she re-opened everything i had ran away from. She told me that Magik was not evil,and that only the people themselves were evil that used it the wrong way.

I will not lie, I told her that she was wrong and that, my parents wouldn't lie to me, I Told her She was Crazy to believe in Magik,and that she should do More productive things in her life. now i feel as though i have done something terribly wrong, and i wish to apologize for what i have said. I want to understand her,but i do not even know what Magik is.Or what it entails. I have tried countless times to try and get her to explain to me, but she would always tell met that it was not something to be done haphazardly, and that u need time,patience and experience. I felt as though if i Had a better understanding of what Magik was Maybe she would take me more seriously,she would show me what it is i am not capable of doing.

I know this inst the best thing to be asking Strangers,But i have no one else to ask. i would ask my family,But they see Magik as Devil Worship. I dont Believe that is the case,so i wish to Know once and For all what it really is.

I Understand that This is not something to Just Pick up and Do,But i am not asking for spells/Rituals, I just want to understand what she is understanding. If i finally understand i May Learn and further my knowledge, For I feel that Fate Is Pushing me Towards this fate,And Even my Family Could not stop it.