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Original Post:
by: sidestepper on Feb 17, 2016

I practice with minimal tool use.
I find that it helps with creating space, or emphasis, it is not required.
For those of you that are low on funds this post is for you.

Basic stages of a spell:
Calling for aid.
Connecting to energy(s).
Accomplish the task you are looking for.
Closed down energies.

Cleanse yourself, and then your work area. Feel any areas that are dull, negative, backwards, etc. Using your breath as a way to help with energy movement, change the energy to at minimal a more neutral form. Preferably a form that is higher and more radiant.

Protect yourself and your room. Blue energy tends to work for this, but it can be other forms/colours as well. Imagery is the key.

Call for aid. This can be in the form of spirit guides, loved ones, gods, elements, etc. I usually spend time on each element. Calling it into myself and my area. Then I call for mother goddess and mother god. I prefer to view it more as an all encompassing form of god, than the wiccan form. Then I call for spirits around to help. Explain what you are trying to accomplish and ask for assistance.

Connect to the energy of what you are trying to accomplish. Is it a person, a thing, an act. Everything has a true form. Find the energies associated with your task and call them into being. Align yourself with these energies. Manipulate and change the energies until they match what you desire. When you are finished release them into the world.

Thank those that helped you. The spirits/gods/elements/etc.

Thank your room, and your body.

Close down your room, and your body.