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Original Post:
by: User374189 on Feb 03, 2016

As a member of this site who gets many questions or deals with people who don't know magic, or how/where to start. I thought i'd clear some things up! So let's go.

Firstly, whatever magic ideas/beliefs you had. Throw them away. Magic isn't like the shows you see like charmed, sabrina the teenage witch, ect. Even Youtube videos claiming to discuss ''true magic'' is usually wrong. To me, magic is energy that can be bended to do a purpose(either good or bad). Therefore magic is everywhere and apart of you.

Next, for guidance for newbies. I grt asked, questions like... ''can i be a werewolf, fairy, change my eyes, ect''. Now i'm not gonna even start on how annoying this is! So before you even start to claim that(unles you want to be known as a fluff) i'd say start off with these tips.

*Read what magic is and isn't
*Learn the basics. AwakeTooLong has 2 posts on these topics in this forum page.
*Read FAQS
*Try to learn things youself via using the articles on the site, forums, chatter, members who seem knowledgeable.

How to start on SoM :
For me, engaging and becoming part of the community helps. I find that particapating in the chatter frequently and possibly joining a coven can help.

Talk to moderators(They ensure the site runs smoothly. Take issues that can't be solved up with them) Some are Personified, Bryson, Lark, ect.

Ask higher ranked people and learn from them.

Question this, question articles, posts, spells, everything.

Remember everything takes time! message me for help or if you feel i missed anything add on