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Original Post:
by: Wicca24 on Dec 13, 2015

my thoughts on what makes a good bio I had some help writing this through chatter so credit goes to Nordstar and Lostone

This is for all you new people who have just joined Spells of magick.

I'll start with Bios

why do we need them?

ever heard of first impressions count? well that's what a bio is. It is a way to introduce your self and what you put in them counts.

what makes a good Bio?

A good bio needs to be truthful about yourself. There's no point in writing about something your not. For example writing that your a Vampire or mermaid gives the wrong impression to people.

Plus keep it short and sweet. People don't want to read paragraphs after paragraphs of words.

Think about your audience

shape your bio to fit your audience. Don't write something that's completely random like '' I like chocolate'' if you think who you're writing for you cant go wrong

Thanks for reading this

I hope this helps