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Original Post:
by: Forever25 on Sep 26, 2015

Hello! I wanted to ask you a question about candle magick. I have cast little spells in the past that were really idk. Not very advanced or thought through, but I want to cast a spell tonight using a 100% bees wax candle (plain/white color) to bring back a lost loved/ex. I read up on it online and found a lot of different ways to do it, but I am unsure because like I said, I've never truly done a real cast. I want to do it tonight because of the moons and everything, but if you could please give any pointers, or ways you've done it in the past that have worked please tell me. Me and my ex still have a connection and a bond, I was his first real boyfriend and I took his virginity. We still talk everyday (past two days its only been have a good day ect. and then that's it) Hes told me he will always have a bond with me because what we had was so special, and it was. I'm truly dying without him, I think he was a soul mate. But his name is Todd and mine is Josh. So yeah, any help or points would be amazing!!

If anyone would be willing to send good vibes, prayers or energy my way for this that would be amazing, or maybe even cast with me! I won't go into how import this is to me, but I have gone through a life altering experience with Todd on more than one level. And he expressed to me how what we had was very important to him but I messed it up.. pretty bad. I'm not looking for life advice or relationship coaching, only tips and direction with candle magick and possible help!

Thank you!!