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Original Post:
by: User141264 on Jul 26, 2015

So, trying to find valuable info about spells & magic in various sites, I came across (even on this site) many fake/stupid/not real spells & rituals.

Given the fact that this specific site is very active, I was thinking maybe it needed a thread that contained... you know... some success stories or some new spells or types of magic - so that newcomers learn the difference between real magic and fantasy stuff, and more experienced people to share knowledge.

I personally, have not made any Ritual with altar or candle I'd like to share, but I'd like to suggest that certain mentalism "tricks" such as Hypnosis, or SOME cases of Cold Reading, those which involve "reading by intuition" be classified as magical phenomenon.
I would argue that, when cold-reading someone, even if it basically is deducting from details, any correct deduction incited by intuition without any previous experience/knowledge would be "magical".

Feel free to share your stories.