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Original Post:
by: MissVampy on Feb 02, 2015

First of all I am new to the forum. I have often visited sites to lose weight or sign a form so a medium/ witch can do it for me. Which to no avail worked. I'm not meaning eating lards of fat and expecting a miracle. I mean going on about my daily routine and even changing say rice to brown rice as a change. I don't think into it much and the thought leaves my mind.

Now I'm very open that there is more to this universe that meets the eye. I have been taught that from a very young age. Not by my mother and father that are divorced but from relatives. I am what you call a new age gypsy or that's what I like to call myself. My family has been settled in houses for a few generations now and both my mum and dad are gypsys. If I were to live by the rule of what you see on my big fat gypsy wedding I would have been thrown to the Wolves along time ago by the fact I have what we Scottish not Irish called Scaldies if I am pronouncing it right and I have a 8 year old daughter with him that the gypsys would call a half boiled buck. Or a halfie don't ask me why they call them that and to outsiders I have been told it sounds offensive and I have to agree.

I believe you should be able to make your own choices in life and marry who you like. Work if you like. Most but not all travelling men expect their wife and daughters if old enough to to womanly duties and expect a meal on the table when they get home. Boys go and do heavy lifting paving with their dads showing them and rearing them that when they hit 16 they to will have their own caravan and wife and that is the travelling way. For settlers like myself we know how to talk the gypsy language and 90% of us including me is Catholic even though I rarely visit a church. However 40% of our descendants or distant descendants hate the fact that we have come into the new age where children should not get a education and woman are there for breeding, sometimes to take their anger out of and should tend to their every whim.

Why am I telling you this you say. Well during my childhood I have had plenty of a old woman comment on how dark I am. Meaning my hair and faintly tanned skin. My dark brown eyes have lightened since I'm older but my hair colour has stayed the same and my skin is no longer as tanned. I get it from my dad to this day you would think he was Spanish or some orient origin. My mother though is as light as they come but evil in nature and evil in spirit. I won't go into to much detail but I was beaten heavily as a child once for just saying I missed my dad. When I eventually found out parents should not act like this I moved straight into my dads when I was 15 to much as my mums pleading she was told I was old enough to make my own mind up. After hearing the news my dad opened a bottle of bubbly to celebrate he had no longer had to deal with her and plead for her for him to see me.

As I was saying old gypsies when I used to visit distant relatives in Fife of my cousins they would say I have the mark. They used to ask to see my hands. Nothing is ever simple with me the lines on my hands cross over and there are hundreds of them and I have been given a vague telling however I was in the middle of primary school and thought nothing of it. A bunch of hocus pocus but my fav day is Halloween I love it. My fav tv shows are of the supernatural. Actually that is the name of my fav shows. I did have 300-400 books of all different kind of supernatural stories or series and I keep a list of my fav authors for when they realise a new book. As a child I remember watching the hammer horrors under the duvet but my eyes glued to the tv and would end up sleeping with the light on.

It could have started when I was younger going to Fife and living in caravans for the summer hols not my mums but her sisters who very do fit your average gypsy but settled even though their children my age have intertwined the two shall I say. We would hear stories of Tam O Shanter and how a traveller would be walking along near the banks at the dead of night and the devil would appear before him asking him if there was anything in the world he could wish for and he said for my family to have the finest house and the finest dresses without a care about money. The Devil said are you sure You would sell your soul for that and he said absolutely. Done the devil said. The man looks at his wares and rags and says but what about ME I'm still standing here. The devil replied you wished your family the wealth but nothing was said about you. For have you not forgotten that family is all the riches you need. The boy said I was at the inn 2 miles back and they told me you lurked here and how the devil can trick you into trickery as many a man will want riches Devil but I asked that of my family not for myself so you old brute you won't be getting a soul tonight. The story ended there. I take it he went back home and got his share of wealth. I think the meaning of the story is to think of others and the trickery of the most notorious trickster of all the devil. I won't ever forget that story. Even though it had a happy ending it did keep me up at night.

Anyway now you know a bit about me. Being young I was told I may have a bit of magic in my blood. It's certainly not Palm reading. I have stared at a crystal ball and just seen my relextion. Could it be spells. I have heart heartidly done a few when I wanted my boyband crush to read a letter from me since I sent tons. And before you judge I was a very young girl and loved pj and Duncan. I then don't one for a house by holding a key the spell said and to think about a house. At this point I was desperate for any house and ended up getting this one a couple of months later.

I'm now going to lose the house as its rented at 750 pounds a month. We have outgrown the house anyway even though it's away from the serious drug users we had no choice living next to due to the fact that when our litte one came along we had to sell the one bedroom and could not put money down for a 2 house bedroom as was above his paygrade. However if we put up for the run down building he would have gotten this good paying actually excellent paying job and bought one. However we thought we would have had a bit more time and both of us did our driving lessons and bought cheapish cars which we have had no luck with. No matter where we get a car something goes wrong with it or something needs fixed in the privately rented house. And now due to oil decline my partner and I are losing are jobs on the 27th of March. And we have a lease to pay for here to August. I am beside myself with worry. He's a contractor who will come in and order the goods for the rigs. And with no new jobs In the pipeline it's taking its toll on him and me since I've lost my classmate since primary at aged 30. My health is not good. I need to lose a few stone, being comfortable can make you gain weight. I have had no luck at all. I have tried minimum budgets on lottery tickets etc. My love life is a shambles. Basically all the key issues people seek to sites they are me.

My question is being who I am does that give me greater not power as such. I find power a horrible word but will it aid me better in magic in spells. I did a money spell just as I came onto your site it was on your site but for a job instead of wealth itself. I don't know if it will work. I did not do it for me but for my other half. Then I realised wow this site has a forum. People I can tell my story to and won't be judged. It's never happened for me to come across a site of spells without testimonials if you buy this now it will change your life and thinking is the testimonials real. Or do you have to have the magic within you to work. I was thinking about all the methods I have tried and I have yet to try tarot cards or proper spells that will indicate I might have it in me. I have came across people who say magic chooses them even if they don't know it or you simply don't have it. Then I have came across people who say magic is in all of us you just need to channel it. Who is right? Do I have magic?

Thank you for your time to reading to what I would call a book. I look forward reading your answers.