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Original Post:
by: LibranAngel on Sep 17, 2014

Have you ever wondered why we are instructed to forget our working once we finish? And how easy is it to do when your faced with the reason you did the working in the 1st place? If you're like me, it wasn't easy it made me anxious.

The reason we are supposed to forget is to become detached to the outcome. Any connections to the spell afterwards may hinder the process, but forgetting only works if you already firmly believe you're spell is gonna work out really. Why? Because attachment is death in magick!

Notice how yogis, Buddhists and other cultures emphasized detachment. Attachment create a negative vibration that repulse our desires. Simply because they make a negative vibe that says we don't have what we want. In magic always believe as if the spell is done and have what you wish happening right now.

Now I'm not saying be apathic now, that's TERRIBLE!! You need to have a want for your outcome to, so how does it all work then? Visualize what you want as if it is now! Not later. If you actually had what you want you're not anxious if its going to happen because IT IS HAPPENING. You're not attached to itif it is going to work out, your glad it's happening which the universe rushes to make it so because your vibration is like a magnet pulling in what you put out and the universe rushes to fulfill that

Blessed be!