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Original Post:
by: NobodyAtAll on Aug 30, 2014

About a week ago I had a strange dream. No matter how I try to nutshell this, it turns out long. I'll try to knock it down to the bare minimum.

I was fleeing diseased and changing people (covered in blisters, deformed beyond humanity). I eventually found myself in a kitchen, with a door on the opposite end from where I entered. Immediately the word 'goddess' began echoing whenever she was in view, for the rest of the dream, and involuntarily whenever I have meditated or even thought about the dream since.

A woman entered behind me, through the same door. She was not touched by the affliction of the others I had been fleeing. I somehow could not express anything negative to her, and she greeted me warmly.

I was about to flee through a second door, and she told me not to go that way, that it would end badly for me. I looked through the window and saw a huge gray spotted cat waiting.

A second woman, fighting her own infection, entered the kitchen begging the first woman for help. The first reached into a hidden space in the kitchen ceiling for the medication, and applied the salve to the infected woman's blistered face. She said we had a better escape than to keep running. A shaft of light shot through the room, and took us somewhere far away. There were other people in a similar circumstance.

The woman said she could not answer my questions right then, but if I returned in one hour -- she stressed one hour -- then she could answer them. I jolted awake, and a few moments later my alarm went off.

Here are the odd parts:

I wake up early to take my girlfriend to her early work shift. The total time is usually just under 90 minutes. Then I try to catch a few winks before getting up for my own job, two hours later, but it takes a little time to fall asleep again. So no matter what, it was more than an hour.

I felt like it was some sort of a challenge for her, and I failed, even though meeting her requirement would have meant driving ridiculously fast on my way home (pushing the accelerator to the floor the entire time, running lights, etc.).

I have meditated on the meaning of the dream several times. I have tried other things as well. I believe I know the meanings of some parts, but not the woman. She seems very important, and stood out in the dream.

I will appreciate any advice for figuring out if there was significance, and what it may be. Or how to find out who she was specifically. I'm running out of ideas.