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Original Post:
by: RubyXero on Jul 30, 2014

I am a beginner. I will admit I have read books and books. I know I have a great potential but I also have a great fear. Not fear of failure, but fear of success! Taking that jump over the threshold and into a world of no return. I have a naturally very dark mind and I fear that may draw dark responses. For example, every time I look into the mirror I feel the presence of this woman behind me. But in my minds eye, I see her as a frightening creature. She is there always, and I know in my heart that what she is is my fear personified, but I am scared to confront her to face that fear. She has been a lingering presence in my life now for about 2 years!
I know that anything one can laugh at cannot harm them in the realm of the spirit, but I still find myself hesitating.
Does anyone have advice on some small practices to slowly ween myself away from this, or any stories of overcoming something similar?