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Original Post:
by: Sillieh on Jul 18, 2014

Hello , i wanted to share with you a personal original practice of mine. The practice of making Magick Beans , No not the kind that grows to the sky :P but beans that you can utilize in nearly any practice. From cursing to healing , kitchen witchery to divination. Enjoy.

How to make magick beans.

Its quite easy , fast and simple and can be incorporated into almost any path in some sense.

First you will need some beans , prefferably large ones. Then you will need a good idea , what you're going to use it for and how you'll make the beans. To make magick beans you simply need to etch a symbol/word/name/sigil/ect. Onto the two sides of a bean and plant it. The bean will grow into a beanstalk however it will have two short stalk beans with the etchings in them. Depending on what you etched and how you'll incorporate them into a practice you can literally make beans for anything.

The beans grown from the stalk wont have the etchings but will still be energized , you can re-etch them and replant them for 2nd , 3rd , 4th , ect. generation of beans grown from the same etching. Each generation being a more potent version you could also etch them with a different symbol/name/word/yada yada in order to make well beans with pretty wierd influences , but you can really get creative with it , you could grow beans from a bean with someone's name like for example "John Mayer" (random name) and then a bean grown from it you can etch with for example "Curse" and leave it to grow sickly in the darkness and let it act as a poppet to curse him with.

You could use beans grown from beans with etched Names to add a little bit of someone into a working like for example instead of using hair , blood , even spit. Or you can use it as i previously stated , the potential uses are infinite.

You could use beans grown from beans with etched Sigils in pretty much any working , etch a sigil of protection? And carry some of the beans grown from it (or the bean itself without planting it) with you. Etch a cursing sigil and drop the bean into someone's garden , into their pocket , ect. Get creative !

You could use beans grown from beans with etched Words in a similar way to using sigil ones , etch a word like " Healing " and grow some beans and use them in healing practices.

Have a deity who wants a nice offering , ask them if you can etch their symbol/name into beans and grow them just to offer them to them! (with their permission of course). Not to mention that eating the beans with the deity associated with them would be Theophagy (the consumption/taking in of a symbolic representation of a deity). So paths that have use of this would also benefit.

Want to practice something like Cleromancy ? Or some other form of divination where you could incorporate the beans? You could for example for Cleromancy etch Yes/No on each side of a bean and throw them , depending on the number of yes and no answers you can get a reading.

You could incorporate any of these beans into practices such as Kitchen witchery and make "Magick bean stew!" , You could use the stalk grown with an etched name as a poppet as previously stated nurture it if its someone you love , or stomp/boil/cut it if its someone you hate. Want more potency or some specific property? Grow them over a crystal , water them with holy water/blessed water , ect. Get CREATIVE! The possibilities are endless. I hope you've enjoyed.



-Sataset (for suggesting the re-etching and making beans that are 2nd , 3rd , ect. Generation of said bean)

Rated ARG for pirate .

Hope you enjoyed , it would be lovely if you all posted your ideas/uses for the beans so that everyone can benefit.