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Original Post:
by: aestus on Nov 13, 2013

First off this is my first post so hello to everybody, second ive read a lot of forums here as a none member and from what i can see there are 3 kinds of people on this site the first is people like me, magick users and people who truly believe in this way of ours. The second kind of people i have noticed are people who dont use magic but are curious and like to learn of such things whether they are open or closed minded. And lastly there are idiot trolls who just like to annoy people and crush dreams (i dont like these people a whole lot :P). id like to keep this post between people who believe and are open minded if your closed minded about these things, in my opinion you have no business on this site and should stop being a troll. any way on with my post.

To all of the people who ive seen in the other forums saying pyrokinesis is impossible due to the laws of physics or that it cant be done due to any other scientific reason, think for a moment science doesnt apply to this subject as strongly as you people seem to think, if you think id does then tell me what is our magical energy, charkra, ki, chi or psi actually made out of? can you catch it and put it through a spectrometer? does mainstream science acknowledge any of the basis this site is created on? what is its atomic composition? and why specifically isnt it flammable?

i am a firm believer that pyrokinesis can be achieved and with enough training, dedication and time even something like a fireball could be created and im guessing the answer from most of you to my questions would be as follows "i dont know" "no" "no" "i dont know" and finally "i dont know" and unless people can come up with some proof that you can answer all of my questions with scientific evidence then who are you to say that fireballs can be created? because if you are a believer and a practitioner of magic then you should know science can answer any of these questions and the first 4 of them arent even about fireballs or pyrokinesis theyre just talking about general magick.

there is no hard proof a single thing on this site works from anything as simple as psi use to the multitude of various spells to contacting spirits, these topics dont get knocked nearly as hard as most of the others, so why when something like a fireball come up do people flip out and start throwing around the term fluffy?

let people dream, let them practice and succeed and dont disregard something just because you believe it is unreal, tell a man 2000 years ago that we could get steel to fly or float on water theyd disregard you faster than you could blink but we did it all the same even if metal floating sounds crazy and we can create fireballs, we can use pyrokinesis. Dont wait to see to believe, believe and you will see.