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Original Post:
by: witchlife on Aug 31, 2013

Magic(k) is made from invisible energy (that remains neutral until act upon.). This energy can only be seen with what is called "The Third Eye" or the "Brow Chakra".

Throughout thousands of years people practiced magic(k), not all continued down the path because magic(k) isn't easy. There are hundreds of ways to use magic(k), but in order to use magic(k) you must learn about it's magic(k)al properties and the fake properties of magic(k). This meaning that I will tell you what some of the real and some of the fake that you will see in everyday movies. (which remember that not everything you see on television is true). Remember the three things you really need in magic(k) is;

  • Belief (this is because without belief you will have no actual true feeling for magic(k).)
  • Imagination (This is needed because you have to be able to imagine what you want to be done and the outcome of it all.)
  • Focus (This is because without focus the imagination will not work properly).

  • Now throughout years, people have debates upon, what magic(k) is real, and what magic(k) is fake. Forget what you know by watching "Harry Potter" or "Lord of the Rings" or movies like that. They do not show anything in particular to magic(k).

    Remember magic(k) is a tool, that should be used when needed. Remember this saying "You should not raise your hand to a teacher asking for help until you have tried it yourself." In magic(k) this means "Before you use a spell, try to do it yourself."

    That being said here are a list of spells that will not work, NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY!;

  • You can not transform your DNA (which means your physical body can not change).
  • You can't defy the "Laws of Nature" or the "Laws of the Univeser". It's physically impossible.
  • You are not born a vampire, god, demon, and any of the beings that would be classified as either not real or spirits.
  • You can not be all powerful, this is because magic(k) is runned by energy that is forever used, no one is more powerful, it's just some people are more experienced.
  • You can't changed your body (you should love who you are anyways).
  • When doing a magic(k)al spell, you must be as informitive as you can, and also when writting the ryme, please don't just pick a ryme that is either out of a fairytale book, or a ryme that doesn't even have rythem.

    Long time or and still is done quite frequently today, people use to dance and sing around fire pits, singing as loud as you can until you can feel you stomach vibrate, that is what true magic(k) is about, meaning your spell.

    Love Spells on the other hand, they were created to help people find their "true love" Now sense people have found a way to use it almost like a curse upon on a unexpecting male/female, it has become a way to disable someones free will, Which I find that quite immature, but that is just ones opinion.