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Original Post:
by: Pyroe on Aug 16, 2012

this is my first forum, so feedback on how well I did would be much appreciated!
there are five brainwaves on which your brain operates on, measured in hz, or cycles per second, learning to utilize these brain waves can speed your progress and help you tremendously! here are those five brainwaves, from least active to most active:

Delta: (0-4hz) this is where dreamless sleep occurs, your brain is resting, i doubt you can utilize this state, but i encourage you to try, for if you dont try youre guaranteed to get nowhere, and vice versa ;)
Theta:(4-7hz) this is the state you sleep in, and this is the most powerful state in my opinion, because it links your concious with your subconcious mind! astral projection, shamanic journeys, many psychic visions, and many other wonderful things happen in this state. Im trying to utilize full theta state by making a dream lucid, then astral projecting, if you have any tips mail me!
Alpha:(8-12hz) every night you pass through alpha right before you sleep. it is the bridge between your concious and subconcious. meditation energy working, many spell castings and the like are done here.
Beta:(12-20) your average, alert waking,mind.
Gamma:(21-60) you ever had a,major fight or flight moment and everything seems so slow, like you have all the time in the world to react? this is gamma, where your brain kicks into overdrive. this is the highest conciousness, and since ir is just recently discovered, I cant relay what it does, but you can imagineit is,probably the most powerful! I find energy work to be the most effective in this state.

so if meditation occurs in alpha, and astral projection occurs in theta, then if you can get your brain into alpha, it should help with meditation, right? you bet! I used to think meditation was hard, boring, and a waste of my time, but now Its easy, productive, and because of the endprphins it releases, fun and pleasurable! because I discovered a little somethin somethin on youtube called brainwave entrainment through binaural beats and isochronic pules. you put two headphones in, listen to it, and itll put u in alpha state, theta, whatever u want! and I tell you its like a miracle breakthrough, I can actually confidently say isochronic pulses single handedly pulled me out of four years of being a fluff! xD I strongly encourage you, especially if u despise meditating, to just one time, lay down listen to the isochronic tones I provide in the alpha link, and just lay there, count every breath from one to a hundred, and I guarantee youll do it over, and over again!

beta: couldnt find one sorry! youre almost always in beta when youre awake though! if u really need it search for beta isochronic pulses, I hope you have better,luck!