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Original Post:
by: Antiquus on Jul 06, 2012

~~Warning overusing the blood in your body can cause serious health problems, use with care and at your own risk~~

Blood Magick:

The use of using ones blood to cast spells, help with energy work, ritual work and other magickal practices. Blood is often referred as to ones life force. It symbolizes the life in our bodies freely moving. When one uses this life force with their magickal practices they can draw upon more potent results.

Good or bad:

Blood magick is neither good or bad. It is a neutral magick just like all. Magick really has no colors, it is all about the intent and the moral standings of the user.

Uses in spells:

There are a wide variety of uses for blood in ones spell work, your imagination is the limit. Try, for example, writing down your desires for a wish spell. Then, put a few drops of blood on the piece of paper and burn it, knowing that the energy of your life force will make your spell more potent.

Uses in rituals:

Much the same as spells in use. However, when one intends to create high levels of energy using blood magick they may tend to over use their blood. Instead of using all blood try making a mixture of blood with water that way you don't damage your body.

Blood water:

One can get a bottle of water and charge it with their energy then add blood to it, a small amount should suffice. It will not me as potent as blood, but it will still have great results. You can also try mixing your blood with moon water or other liquids charged with energy.

Blood as offerings:

You may want to offer something to a higher power or an entity you desire the help of. Not all entities would want such an offering but there are some out there. Put some blood in a bowl or on a plate while you ask them for assistance, or are generally giving an offering. Again, you may want to use blood water for this so you do not damage your body.

Don't want to harm yourself:

This is understandable, but we all get hurt some time or another. The next time you have an accident that doesn't require immediate medical attention you can save some of the blood. Still, try to fix your wound and stop the bleeding as fast as you can.

I am not responsible for any accidents people have when trying blood magick. Try at your own risk. I suggest to everyone wanting to try to be careful of blood loss. If you have any questions ask below or message me and I will answer back as soon as I am able to.