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Original Post:
by: BloodShed on Jun 10, 2012

I know that some of you think or say that demons are bad and never should summon them. Well, not all demons are bad. There are some that are good like angels for example, but if you don't agree then that's fine. :)

Now, summoning demons can be dangerous at times depending on what type of demon. For those of you who summoned and got attacked by one either you didn't do the summoning right, give an offer that you didn't give, or a good possibility that you could of summon something else different then the demon of your choice or something different than that. For those of you that were successful you could teach the ones who want to try again.

For those who wants to summon a demon and your not sure, you could summon something else other than demons and for those who really want to, be careful. Make sure you research about the demon of your choice before you summon it. That's all that I got to say. May the stars guide you. :)