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Original Post:
by: Untold_has_no_friends on Dec 07, 2011

I thought about this overnight that making this kind of post might be helpful to anyone that every thought or has made (and failed in a way) a magick website or a site that teaches magick. I will be starting with the website first since it has a higher success rate than making your own school.

So you're going to stand up and make your own site of your believes. Does it matter if your skilled in magick or have been doing it over the years? No. You can still make a site, but if you want it to be any good then having some skill under the belt is a good idea. But what kind of site will you make? Remember magick is a large and ever changing topic/idea. You can't just throw in "Magickness of The World" because that implies too much that your site is going to have everything or (if the person knows better) won't know what the site is about. The first step (way before going online to make the site) is what kind of site are you going to have. If this is going to be your first site it is best to keep the topic at one subject. Only when you finished with that one small topic that you should consider adding a page with a different topic.

Alright so lets say you know what your going to talk about on your site. But wait, don't go online yet to make the site! You need to plan out your site on paper. Get all the ideas in there so you can just make the site. This includes:
1. Pages.
2. How big is your subject.
3. How far are you going to go.
4. A good name for the site that will match with your subject.
5. How much time are you willing to put into the project.
Don't rush, planning out your site makes a difference from a great site to a poor site no one wants to go to. Give it a day or three days of planning before you make your site. The reason for this is that this isn't a easy thing to do. Also if you give it some days of thought you might come up with great ideas. "But hey, I could think of those ideas when I am making the basis of the site. Save myself some time." This is a normal thought of those that try to make a site. It is true you can save time, but if your giving your 100% on ideas you'll get more and better than giving 65% on the site and 45% or less on ideas.

"Ok, now that I planned out my site ten fold, can I now go online and make it?" Yes. When you have everything down and know what to do and how much time you'll spend on each page go for it. But this draws back to the point on how knowledgeable you are on the topic. No matter how good you are or how much you know about the subject, always do research to clear out doubt, mistakes, and to add more than you know. Unlike College and High School, you don't have a teacher that will teach you the subject and double check your work and show you the right path. Unless your lucky enough to get that kind of person, your going to have to do some research. Also, making a site should never be rushed. This is your handle work, your baby, so take the time to raise it and let it grow slowly.

So after a week or so your site should be somewhat finished. If your not even close don't worry, this means your doing a great job and should give it 5 days. But if you finished ahead of time (like 1-3 days ahead) then your doing a poor job. If you did rushed checked your site outline (the paper with the plans and ideas) and check your site. See if your missing anything or left out a minor detail. Alright, now that your done (or close to being done) you can open your site to the public. To your friends or everyone will be up too you. My say would to show it to someone that knows the topic and have their intake of your work.

If you want to have members, chats, forums, and ect that is fine. There are a limited amount of sites that will let you do that for free. If you just want to have pages of knowledge ready for the public then that is alright too (there are more free websites that will do that too).

Now for the do's and don't's...
* Take the time to explore the topic in different ways.
* Source your research, copy right laws.
* Your site can be a coven (if you have one that will add members).
* Make the site look nice. Easy to the eyes and easy to read.
* Over time, you should add more stuff to your site.

* Don't bash someone. (insults and alike) There are online laws and you should try at least to know them.
* If this is your first site, don't keep a limit on who gets in. Only remove someone if it is spam or a troll.
* Don't ignore other people criticizing your site. They are the key on making your site better.
* Don't make a site if you only want to make it to have one.
* Don't scam people of their money or let others do so.

Now that is out of the way here is a good site that will let you make a nice website.
This is the only site that I know that lets you have members, forums, chat, pages, and more for free. It is also easy to use. If you have more knowledge in making a site without another sites help, then try Dreamweaver. It is a program that helps you make a site and you control everything! You can make a site by coding (C++ or Java coding) or just by click and point.

*Only for those that know C++, Java, or at least some computer knowledge*

Now for the school. You learned so much over the years that you want to teach others on the matter. Now the school is only for those that have learned over the years on one topic or more. You cannot just do research and teach what you learned (that will take a lot of your time). You also want to find other people that know different stuff about a topic or more. You cannot teach everything yourself. If you can, try to have two teachers that teach the same thing. This helps people understand it more or learn it faster.

Just like with the site, you want to plan out everything. This is going to be different thought so don't skip this part.
What you need to plan are the following below:
1. What are you going to teach? (Can't teach everything sadly)
2. Who is going to teach what?
3. What is their and your time schedule? (You can switch it or teach all at the same time frame)
4. How are you going to draw in the students? Have them pay or free?
You really don't need anything else because the site that I am going to give is going to take care of everything else.

Once you have planned out and gathered your teachers (trust me, this will take time depending on your networking skill), you can plan out your teaching schedule. This includes:
*What are you going to teach first
*The grading system
*Homework (make it where they can do it and still show results)
*A time where everyone that wants to learn can join (since it is going to be online you can just write a post of the topic and the homework on a regular time)
*Tests and quiz's
This will take time again so don't rush it. When you and your other teachers are done (It is best for everyone to be finished all together before you open the doors) you can publish your school to the public.

This is important, and includes the website too! It takes time for it to be well known. Something isn't great right off the bat you see. The better the school, the more students you'll get.

The site that I was talking about earlier was
This site is used in real public schools like college and high school. That there shows you how well it works. You might want to take 30 minutes to explore the site (if you never been in there).

Hopefully this helps other people make better sites and schools. Let the knowledge grow and easier to learn.

P.s. to the Mods, yes I posted sites but that was to help other people to get a good start. It wasn't to support the site so it isn't really a ad. This also involves magick and others to make a better magick site. So let it stick with the General Info.