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Original Post:
by: Thunor on Jun 16, 2011

In the olden times of midievil magicians, often one would see them portrayed with a staff that has a Magickal Orb topping it. Now, I have researched both online and offline on this topic, to my extreme dismay, I have found naught.

There seems to have definately been a difference betwixt the simply pouch of crystals one can top a staff with and the Magick Orb. My questions are these:

  1. Does anyone have information on what these things may have been?
  2. Does anyone know how one would go about making one?
  3. [If none of the above] Does anyone know where I could find more information?

Now, also note that:

  • I am IN NO WAY referencing the spiritual energy centers that are sometimes seen floating about and sometimes captured in photgraphs.
  • I am just wondering why I can find information on nearly everything else and its origin--even "Witch's Flying Salve"--but never on this topic.

The closest thing I have ever seen to these Orbs [in question] are balls of lightning (ball lightning).

Thank you all,