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Original Post:
by: radzoor on Jan 18, 2011

Hi , im 21 and sorry for my bad english il try make you understand as best as i can.

I have a problem , since i was kid about 1-2 years old i start seeing some nightmares. At first my dreams was about demons who trying to break though a church door and after some time my dreams comes worst like i get attacked from demons and trying to drag me somewhere (and i was frozen not able to move in my dream). After years something i dont know what (never saw it) came to my dreams and for 10 or more years my nightmares are like normal days having fun with family or friends and the dreams are like real! when dream going to end suddently from nowhere a creepy scream(realy creepy and its like coming from far away i cant explain it well but its not like from a human/animal or machine) comes i freezing and wake up unable to move even if i dont fear things when im awaken that makes me realy upset! Im a normal guy with no problems in my life , i dont do drugs or something but my dreams even if are not nightmare are very weird. None of the people i know seeing this kind of dreams like reality. Many times i saw things in my dreams and after a day those things happends in my life. When i was child i never saw horror movies and never played video games i dont know where those dreams came from. the good thing is those nightmares i see only 2-3 times per year and not every day or something so its not a problem in my life i just wonder what is this all about. I dont know if this have to do something with this but im not a religious person. The funny thing is that some days ago i saw a dream. In my dream i was walking on a street near my home with my best friend and we was passing out of a church going to buss stop. Then we heard a weird voice (not human) saying something in a languange i dont know and then i turn my head right and saw a possesed woman running to me . my friend then start run away and i was just looking her without fear, she came so close to me we was like face to face and she crab my arms saying something , then i tryed to say something too but i woke up.

Anyone have any idea why this happens.?