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Original Post:
by: SilverVixen on Nov 17, 2010

After some deliberation, I decided to go ahead and make this thread cause I'm tired of explaining how to make your spells work. If you still don't understand after this, then you seriously NEED to learn your basics (which you should be doing ANYWAY). I can not break it down any further than this, but if there are questions, please feel free to ask. If you are wondering how to write your own spell, you must've missed the other thread which you can now go to here -

How to Make a Spell Work

Once you have the Spell you want written up and ready to go. Look back and plan out the day based off your correspondence data that you want to cast the spell on. If it?s a full moon, then whenever the next full moon may be, or if it?s a Saturday Night, then the next Saturday night that you can work with undisturbed.
For those who cast circles, you will be casting a circle, so follow the way that you normally do so. The more practice you get, and depending on the type of spell you are working, you won?t need the circle all the time. For these purposes though, we will use one.

Make sure all your tools for the spell are on the altar and ready to go. You can bring the spell into the circle with you, you?ll want to take notes on the feelings and impressions you get after the spell is done.

Do a quick double check and make sure everything is where it needs to be. If you like to mark out your circle do so, otherwise go ahead and cast the circle. You?re going to want to go ahead and raise energy once the elements and deity (if you chose to invoke them) have been invoked. You can raise energy by several means eg: Through singing, drumming, chanting, dancing and several other methods. Once you feel the energy is raised to a point where it can?t be raised anymore, then this is when you will focus and do the spell.

While you are going through the motions of speaking the words, or tying knots in cords, etc, you are going to want to really see yourself doing it all in your mind?s eye. See the spell as being completed with every step you do, until you are finished. Once you are finished take a moment and really see in your mind what you want to have happen.( Remember the more energy, will and focus you put into a spell the more likely it will take effect.) Focus on this a moment then release the idea. Let it leave you and move on freely to the universe to start taking effect.

Personally I like just writing everything down now, but you can clean up and then write your impressions. I find that if you write everything down right away while still in circle, you are more true to your feelings and impressions, and you won?t forget them so easily.

After you cast your spell, you can go ahead and dismiss the elements, deity and the circle, Clean everything up and go about your business. Remember not to talk too much about the spell, as this causes it to looses momentum. A good example of how this works is when you are angry at someone. The more you talk about it, the less angry you get. It works the same way with spells.