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Original Post:
by: User22974 on Apr 30, 2009

Happy Beltane and may merry meet you all that read theese lines

Here are few customs that you may find interesting :

Arise at dawn and wash in the morning dew: the woman who washes her face in it will be beautiful; the man who washes his hands will be skilled with knots and nets.

If you live near water, make a garland or posy of spring flowers and cast it into stream, lake or river to bless the water spirits.

Prepare a May basket by filling it with flowers and goodwill, then give it to one in need of caring, such as a shut-in or elderly friend.

Beltane is one of the three "spirit-nights" of the year when the faeries can be seen. At dusk, twist a rowan sprig into a ring and look through it, and you may see them.

Make a wish as you jump a bonfire or candle flame for good luck?but make sure you tie up long skirts first!

Make a May bowl ?wine or punch in which the flowers of sweet woodruff or other fragrant blossoms are soaked?and drink with the one you love.