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Original Post:
by: AltoWoman on Mar 31, 2017

Does anyone else here get an inordinate volume of WEIRD/random/irrelevant/flirtatious mail here?

EVERY time I get online I get a lot of messages, mostly from men/boys, that say nothing but, "Hi." Or "How are you?" Or "I like your pic." Or "You are hot." (Really? Did they not read in my profile where I'm probably old enough to be their mom? Ew.) Almost ALL of my mail is like that. (Except for one piece of mail I got last night, where someone asked me a question about magical topics that I have never indicated I knew anything about, and when I failed to respond within 5 minutes of receiving the email, he emailed again, saying he was blocking me because I'm such an ego maniac. Because I didn't respond within 5 minutes?? Weird.)

I do block people like that . . . but considering the frequency of mail like that (and I'm sure there are others who get the same amount of weird mail, or more) it sure would be nice if we could "white list" friends/coven members/mods and admins etc. to email us, and block all others. That is, only accept mail from people we specify. Because there's really no way to stop receiving multiple weird mails every day.