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Original Post:
by: Aeons_Wing on Oct 10, 2015

I have been happy to see that so many members are quick to warn against Fluff on these forums. With many communities of paganism and magic, a lot of personally valuable details can be shared without evidence. This isn't a bad thing. What does become a bad thing is when people take advantage of that trust, and overpower other people, even disempower them. Spirituality can be an important part of a person. When that part is destroyed by bad relationships, it can create a trauma in life that is difficult to recover from.

Some people who don't believe in magic can join websites like these only to insult the members who joined in goodwill. That's awful, but those who come in goodwill, who believe in paganism and magic but disempower the people who trust them, I believe that is more harmful and deserves to be warned against too.

This is an issue of community, but the culture of magic and spirituality can leave many seekers vulnerable.

Nonoriel Lokason is one example. Here is the link in case the website code didn't work: Because this is only one example, this is NOT a rally to personally attack Lokason. It is more of an invitation to consider how complicated and subtle this situation can become, consider how to recognize what is happening, consider how to protect yourself, and consider how to support victims and survivors of spiritual abuse and help in recovery.