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Original Post:
by: Brysing on Sep 23, 2015

What is magic?
Magic,to me, is making changes. Changes in attitude,to the way we think! Changes in philosophy, changes in beliefs. Changes in the immediate environment, changes in actual material things.
Changes are happening all the time, every day. Some by Nature, some by Mankind.
Just think of the great changes made throughout history by Mankind. The magic of changing wild grass into the cereals we have today. Yes,it was Agriculture. Nevertheless, it was magic! Any gardener will tell you that seeds will grow with soil,sunshine,and water. Truly magic!
Mixing Copper with Tin and making Bronze; magic! Turning powdered rock,sand, into glass; magic.
I am writing this on the internet. A sequence of on/off electronic switches changing into the written word. To me that is as much magic as changing flour,yeast, and water, into Bread!
Of course we would call it "Science"; but most of science IS magic! And, of course, there are things in magic that science still cannot explain. As yet, it cannot explain Dowsing. Neither can I; and I have used it for most of my life! It's magic!
But, magic means many things to many people. And so it is with witchcraft.
The word Witchcraft is only the European description of the Craft. It has many names, in many languages, all over the world. But it is the same Craft, and has been for many thousands of years. Witchcraft is really "searching". Searching for new and better healing methods.New drugs. Most of all, new Knowledge!
Witchcraft (and Alchemy) is forever asking the question, "What if?".
What if I did this, and then that; what would happen? What if I mixed this with that; what would happen?
And so it has gone on, since man first walked on two legs. What if?
Asking the questions, and sometimes, finding the answers. That is what I mean by witchcraft. Trying to answer questions. Even the metaphysical questions. Asking the only real questions worth asking. "Who are we?", "Where did we come from?", "Where are we going?" and "Why?". Those are the questions of witchcraft.
And, so far, not much by way of answers! But, we keep on