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Original Post:
by: KyseranVix on May 07, 2020

Hi my name is Kyseran Vix (chosen name for online not birth name), army vet and gay guy. I am an extreme beginner in magic, what I mean is almost no experience. I do have belief in it, but I have never really done magic outside of creating a barrier, that a friend taught me, around myself to because of being an empath and I had no protection against the fluctuating emotions that were going on at basic training.

If I was to choose a pantheon it would most likely be the Greek as I am most familiar with it. With my main two would be Hecate and Hestia, I feel like those are the most vital when worshiping the Greek pantheon.

Since I am a beginner I will most likely be asking a lot of questions. So please bear with me as I try to learn.