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Original Post:
by: ItBeginsAnew on Apr 15, 2020

I recently looked through the forms and figured out how too say hi. I think im "something special" because of what I've sort of stumbled apon. My family treats all magic like Satanism and evil, but considering what ive learned over this recent year, i know that's not true. I made this account searching for vengeance, and i was reluctant too put what i know into this site considering i know some extremely dangerous stuff and i rather not have random people being attacked by there worst nightmares due too my knowledge getting spread. Though there are some smaller less dangerous things i can share. Mostly regarding soul traites and some of the basics of how those traites can be used with enough foucus. As well as a small bit into the five elements. And how too make a cheep effective wishing ring. I should probably start making other threads now.