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Original Post:
by: User562381 on Aug 24, 2019

After many spiritual transitions I am finally seeking out where I feel to be the most at home. Ive gone from Catholicism to Agnosticism to general wondering/curiosity seekingto Christianity. Ive also felt a draw to paganism and Wicca from small threads that have been woven over time. Now I am at time where I am seeking to transition more into Wicca and the practice of magick. Ive also had a strong sensitivity when it comes to surrounding energy and situations around me. Even more so I have strong connection to my dream state and the often hidden spiritual plane. I love nature and animals. My best times are walking the dog at night when the moon is full and high. My transition to Wicca is a very private one at the moment, so I am glad to have found this online community where I can safely connect with others.

Peace and Blessings