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Original Post:
by: MystHawk on Jun 14, 2019

Hi, my name is Allison, im 28, and live in Washington between the Megler bridge and Longview. what i am using as my screen name came to me while scrying with my crystal ball a few days ago. i was in Tulsa OK for a few months and recently came back to wicca after a very long time of being restricted in a bad relationship. that is over and i am now free to practice how i choose.

I was first awakened to my path when i was very young but had no words for it, and being raised by christian parents i could not openly explore it, so despite identifying with Wicca for 20 years i have only just now been able to actually explore it. I was reawakened during a tornado in Oklahoma, i was standing in the courtyard of the place i was staying, everyone was telling me to come inside but i refused and i just stood in the rain, wind and lightning for an hour soaking up the energy. it was intense, lightning was striking very close to me and the wind was howling the rain was torrential and i was soaked to the skin in seconds but i just stood there.

My main practice is Divination and Protection, i have had some interesting insights and experiences the last couple months, dealt with a shadow man, connected to things i can't explain, experienced a past life, connected to a long dead educator from a past life (i think?) dreams that can only be explained as seeing the future, that than came to pass. my bloodline has magick in it, my late mother despite being outwardly christian was very witchie. she claimed we are descended from Romani, don't know if its true but my gift for tarot and the crystal ball are very real.

Not sure what else to add, for now i will just say, Merry meet glad to have found this forum.