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Original Post:
by: 3clipse on Mar 19, 2019

Hello Witches, Shamans, Demonologist, Mediums and all you other magic folks that I am unable to name at the current moment due to my god awful memory and the horrifying amount of time it'd take to type all of that.

I'm 3clipse (Pronounced Eclipse) the 3 is for the threefold law, Trimoon goddess, The elusive number 3 (Fun fact: I tend to see the numbers 3:33 more often than any other and usually more than once a day in different formats, fun fact over.)

I'm 20 years old so I'm practically an old man, I have no designated practice or "Path" so to speak, And I'm basically wandering at this point, but researching some general topics of study. I'm here in hope of learning or connecting with other like-minded individuals to broaden my horizons and worldviews.

I suppose that can pass for an introduction, so yeah, bye.
(Also if any of you know how to get that baller profile spacing help a witch out because I can't odd with that compact look.)

Blessed Be~