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Original Post:
by: Jordonik on Sep 07, 2018

Name: Jordon
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Relationship: In a Relationship
Years with the craft: 10

A solitary Witch with the love of the Dark arts. I'm not that interesting really, I do what most people my age do..I eat, play video games, play piano and sing (from time to time). I decided that after a few years of using this site without an Account I would go make myself one and start to find others of my mindset. I'm pretty friendly and like to give a hand where I can, and I'm happy to chat to anyone about anything (so long as it is not offending others or in spite of them).There isnt really a whole lot I can say about myself, I have several forms of Social mediea to which I'm happy to share (Just drop me a mail if you'd like them)