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Original Post:
by: catnap68 on May 10, 2018

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My name is Cat and I am new to the community but been in the craft for about 25 yrs. I started out as a Wiccan over 20 years ago. Back than we did not have the resource we have today. I started by being invited into a coven after one of the members befriended me and realized I was blessed with certain gifts. It was a great expierence and would never trade it for the world! They helped guide me in the world of witchcraft and taught me to channel into my gifts and to use them to help others. But there was always a feeling that something was off, I wasn't connecting with our deities and always felt like an outsider looking in. This was not at the fault of my brothers and sisters in my coven though, til this day I love them all and even still in contact with a few. And they will always be my family. but like I said something wasn't right and I adventually left them. As the world grew in technology so did. I quickly realized I was a Solidary witch and my needed to seek out my pathaloen or deities (once I realized they all did not have to belong to the same group) As i researched I, in my mind thought for sure I'd gravitate towards the Greek Gods. I love everything greek, greek food, greek culture, aricutect, history, hell even the men appealed to me. So i tried to make them my Gods, but we all know that doesn't work if it's not meant to be. So I prayed on it. Didn't know who I was praying to byut just hoped whoever need to hear me would. That night I started dreaming I was walking through the rich woods of Ireland. I start to come to a clearing and thought I would see the lush green hills I've always associated with Ireland.But what I saw was amazing and I knew I had made it home. It was beautiful rolling mounds of golden sand and pyramids amd a beautiful sun shining down on it. A cat appeared and Iknew I was to follow, it took me to a group of animals a cow , a hawk a dog, a crocidlle,hippo, llama and more. They shifted into men and women before my eyes and in unity they said, "welcome home Jennifer. We've been waiting for you" In my dream i became over whelmed with a feeling of peace I had not even found in my awake life. (Until now) I woke up and started researching Egyptian God and Goddessess .I knew them each by name and face. They were my family. And my life has been overly blessed since than. They even sent me here. So I am looking forward to becoming a part of this community and helping in anyway I can. If only the gods would help me with my spelling! lmbo