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Original Post:
by: Ms.Knight on Apr 01, 2018

Good Morning. Good Evening. Good Night.

My name is Emiliah Knight. It is not my birth name, it's the name I have given to myself.

  • I am not new to this site. I had an account under a different name on here. However, it was a long time ago.
  • I don't know what to classify my beliefs and I don't have any interest it labeling them. I believe and support a lot of things. I am very open minded. That being said, I will respect anyone's beliefs, even if you don't respect mine. I will not lower myself to your level.
  • I spend most of my time lost in my thoughts. My mind is like a movie theater. I try writing and I would think of all these stories. Hours would go by and only then I would realize that I haven't even written a single word down
  • I find myself fascinated by Astral Projection and Reincarnation.
  • I love dogs, wolves, snakes and dragons

So yeah that's a little bit about me. If you want to learn more just visit my profile or send me a message and I try to reply.