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Original Post:
by: SunxMoon on Jan 01, 2018

I guess the fact that I've bee. A member for a few days kinda says otherwise,but I have a tendency to be a bit shy. So it took a while for me to muster up the courage to introduce myself.
I can be honest here so I'm going to be.
I practice with 4 deities one I'm not going to mention because people have had issues with his mentioning before. So the other 3 Diana Artemis and Apollo will be my focus instead.
I be been asked why 2 moon goddesses? What made me decide to work with them?
Well I focus on the fact that Diana is a motherly type and has always been very helpful and kind to those who show nature kindness. Her wisdom is amazing and I rely on that when I feel lost or confused in a situation.
Artemis I did not choose her really it's more like she came to me. She offered me her help in the most troubling of times. Saved my life even. And now with her help I can help others too.
Apollo and I? Well you could say it's a match made in the Heavens. He came to me when I first started out with my practice and taught me divination.
I am most likely going to be questioned thoroughly on my relationship with Lord Apollo because according to him there is someone here who gets jealous and tried to show one of his other followers up with questions about his or her standings with Apollo.Ha ha ha..:D have fun making a fool of yourself!
Anyway I'm not here for that. I don't like being tested by anyone who doesn't have a good motive for it.
And as for my 4th one i have worked with him since childhood as well. However I do not know his name. It is too holy for me a mere human to speak. So I will refer to him as "My Lord".
There are countless reasons why I work with him. Me cause I feel my mission on earth is to help.people. And I certainly do my best to make sure that I do exactly that.
Any questions?