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Original Post:
by: Goth4Gotten on Apr 23, 2017

Hello everyone, I'm new here. Well kinda. I have been using this website some years ago, when I first started using my "gift". I gave up magic for some time and now I am back, and I want to be more effective and go deeper in the craft.
I wrote my first spell at 12 as a game, it worked out so well that it was scary. After that, when I was a teen, I wrote some spells for a friend and I mainly used magic to raise my energy and control it.
I have been selective about the people who I tell my story to, but not so much apparently, but that's another story :p
Anyway, I would like to know some like minded people, be helpful to anyone I can and maybe get some help in the way too :)
I am interested in joining covens as well.