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Original Post:
by: Luluplus3 on Mar 19, 2017

Hello everyone. My name is Anivet. I am a solitary kitchen witch of 7 years. I enjoy to work by myself, but not for myself. I used to be very active here about a year or 2 back as Annieplus3. I don't expect anyone to remember me but if you do, it is great to be back. I stepped back a little because I lost my book of shadows in a move which took me years to create. I also focused a little more on my kids as they are in the toddler stage. I know a little about a lot so if there is anything I can help you with please don't hesitate to ask. I also read Tarot and like to offer free readings when I'm available to and feel it. I just ask for your patience in getting back a response. I do have two little ones that require a lot of my attention.

On another note. My destiny in life is to help people. I enjoy trying to make the world a better place. I started my own business as a Resource Consultant/Application Specialist 2 years ago. I went from 5 to 200 customers. They consist of low income, Spanish speaking, mainly undocumented families looking for a way out of financial and other difficulties in their lives.

I am a work in progress so any insight or experiences you would like to share with me, I am always receptive. I look forward to meeting new and old friends here. I don't look forward to the flirtatious e-mails I get on a daily bases. I am not here to meet men. I am happy in my relationship and very loyal to my family. So if I get a e-mail of you just wanting to chat about nothing, it will be deleted.

Blessed be, God bless, Love and Light!