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Original Post:
by: QueenBell66 on Jan 06, 2017

Hi everyone name is QueenBell66 i'm quite new here and i'm hoping to make alot of friends friends like myself, i have a power the power of sensing things that are gonna happen before they happen, i've had this for as long as i can remember,although people think pf it as evil i had been told this all my life and now i just want embrace it and learn soo much more,i believe there are more powers within me but to uncover it i may need help to uncover my powers and hope that i can meet some witches near me, funny as i was driving i past one how do i know,she proudly had all of the symbols on her car. so any advice i welcome it,i would like to join a covet, but i dont know where to have one and how do i go about finding my sister witches in my area,help?