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Original Post:
by: Jtorz on Dec 07, 2016

I'm not new to spell casting and pagan religion. I have a family that has dabbled in it. My grandma who raised me was big on healing once a while she would do spell for friend and people the neighborhood. Shoot she was born on October 31st and embraced the witch every year. I also have dealt with her coming to me in dreams after she passed. I knew the night before she died that she left this world we are in. Funny thing is that morning the day before my 10th B-Day. My aunt told me to get dress we were going she her in the hospital she was in a coma. I told my aunt that she not there she left already my aunt screamed at me then phone rang I told my aunt it was them call to tell you she left. Till that day my family are at a distance with me. There so much in the past but I'm here because I keep finding myself to this. She my mom is against what my grandma did. She doesn't understand it. You lost all my gift when I went to live with her. About 2years ago I got into it a little and my life totally change but I was a little afraid to be free with it. Well now I have come to reading and finding out about this world and the next and how I can open those gift as I had as a little girl. When I felt as myself and not fitting the mode of other due to the fear of my abilities. So I'm on here to get advice and mentoring from other like me since my greatest mentor left me to soon. So that a little about me