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Original Post:
by: hxnn6 on Jun 26, 2016

Hi! My name is Hans! I'm not completely sure how to introduce myself, so here's a few coolio things about me!
I'm 16 y/o Taurus ! Divination and Astral Projection are things I'm extremely talented at naturally - I'm just mediocre with everything else, lol.
I enjoy listening to Weezer & Lana Del Rey!
I write a lot of poetry and songs; I also paint a lot of abstract art, I'm highkey into cinematography and photography!
My favourite movie is most likely The Virgin Suicides! Television Series-wise: I'm a fan of Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone!
Not sure if my profile photo has uploaded, but I have really long brown curly hair! It's kinda my trademark :3
Anyway, Hey!