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Original Post:
by: celesei on Jun 16, 2016

I recently joined this website, after maybe like a few months of casually referring to the spellbook for ideas?

Anyways, I'm Celeste. I'm not entirely a newbie witch, I am very familar with the tumblr witch community, so therefore I tend to have way liberal views about witchcraft in general I suppose.

My magick so far has most definitely incorporated technology and urban themes to it, so I have been quite hesitant in joining other witchcraft websites. I'm very into the "casual modern witchcraft" niche, which is currently growing throughout numerous websites as I search through the internet. I do consider myself a secular, urban witch. I'm a huge nontraditionalist at heart, and I suppose I do come off as the "holier than thou" type, but I swear I'm not pretenious as I sound right now haha.

I have a very open mind to many branches of practices however, and I do expect this website will aid me in bettering myself and others of advancing along their own spiritual paths!