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Original Post:
by: Luciferstone on Apr 10, 2016

Hello everyone~
I've been a part of this website for quite some time, using it for convenient things such as the Terot reader and horoscopes but lately I've been wanting to get the know all the people within the group and of course- it's nearly impossible for me to message everyone so I figured an introductory thread was passed due.

My name is Cheyenne, though you may give me any nickname that you see fit. Most call me Chey for short, though. I'm 19 years of age and an active Wiccan. I am in a monogamous relationship with a 23 year old Sailor named Brandon who is currently out to sea. I have three dogs: Brutus, Danny and Damien as well as five cats: Hawkeye, Tontoe, Dobby, Timba and Kidawi. I have a job as a nanny taking care of two lovely little boys under the age of 3. My favorite things to do are write and draw, as I'm fairly good at both and my favorite food is Sushi.

I look forward to getting to know who I can.
Blessed be!