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Original Post:
by: LoreCraft on Dec 06, 2015

I went away for some time from this site, shortly before disturbances in world started for an important task, and I was preoccupied to check whats going on in this community, and yada yada yada... As some of you - many of you know, I started post about spiritual beings and their types, and well, I got, if I may say, attacked by one elder gentleman who did not agree with my views. People responded back to him, and then he back to them, and then more and more people got involved, and things got out of control. First of all, I saw a lot of you asking me what happened to my posts, and well here's what happened: I got message from another moderator, saying that he/she will delete those post because of chaos in them, and that I post those threads again, and also that moderator promised me that I will not be disturbed by that elder gentleman again, as long as i put disclaimer before I start my work. So, hereby addressing this elder gentlemen, please, do not reply on my post, you are not welcome - also, please do not feel insulted in any way, with all due respect, i dont want things to get out of hand again. Also please dont reply on this thread either.
Alright now, back to you good people who took their time to read this, I want to announce that I will not post those threads about spiritual beings anytime soon, but instead, I will bring you cryptic messages of great value and importance, a very fine work, and it will be posted thread in Fortune Telling topic, by the name "Shadow in the Stars". To some it will sound like prose, to some it will be nonesense, but truth will be written somewhere between those two.
I will pray for all of us, may the love be in us.